3 Free Ways To Reduce Printing Costs

Are you trying to make more room in your company’s budget? You can do many things to save money in your office, such as cutting down on printing costs. These tasks are simple to implement and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Check out our tips to reduce printing costs below!

ways to save money on printing for your business

Print in black and white as much as possible

Did you know printing in color can cost up to 8 times as much as printing in black ink? You heard that right. Plus, printing in color takes more time and power, adding unnecessary wear and tear to your printer. So save money and only print in color when absolutely necessary. 

Print double-sided pages

Printing double-sided is not only more eco-friendly but is also budget-friendly! This will cut your paper use by 50%, saving so much money in your printing budget! 

Only print what you need

In today’s world, you can easily share documents on Google Drive or by email. Therefore, it’s pretty unnecessary to print copies of every document you need your employees to look at. Instead, keep documents virtual and only print the most important documents or things you would rather have a physical copy of.

If your printer needs to be replaced or doesn’t fit your office’s needs anymore, Office Copying Equipment would love to assist you! We sell printers that suit various needs and your budget! Investing in a new printer can end up saving you money all around by reducing repair costs. Learn more about our printers by calling 414.778.0000 today!