3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Printer

Old printers can be frustrating when they aren’t working correctly or have the advanced technology available today. Printers do much more than just print nowadays. They can print booklets and presentations with touchscreens and exceptional image quality. It’s time for you to get your hands on this machine of magic. Here are three signs it’s time for you to upgrade your printer.

when to replace your Wisconsin office copying equipment

The screen doesn’t match the prints

While there are usually subtle differences between a computer screen and ink color, the result should be roughly the same. If you are noticing that your prints don’t look anything like the screen, a new printer will solve the issue. New printers also use toner more efficiently, saving you on toner costs.

Printing takes more time than it used to

Just like a phone or laptop, over time, technology slows down as they are used more often. A printer works just the same. If your printer is old, it is likely a lot slower than it used to be. This is frustrating for those working in an office who need to print something ASAP. New printers run quicker and smoother, enabling you to maximize your productivity at the office.

You’ve hired more employees

As new employees are hired, more people are using the printer. This creates more wear and tear over time which may lead to the printing problems you are experiencing. Get a printer that handles your company size better and more efficiently.

It’s time to look at some new equipment for your office and invest in a printer that will do exactly what you need it to do. At Office Copying Equipment, we sell various types of SHARP printers to fit what your printing needs are. Whether you’re a large corporation that needs advanced technology or a small business looking for something simple, we’ve got you covered. Call 414.778.0000 to learn more today!