Choosing The Right Printer, What to Keep in Mind

Is your printer constantly breaking down, or just flat out doesn’t meet your needs anymore? Investing in a new printer can really spruce up your work environment. So, how do you know which printer is right for you out of the thousands out there? We’re here to give you a few tips on what to keep in mind when selecting a printer for your office.

choosing a printer for your business

Size and speed

The size of the printer you’ll want will depend on the size and quality of the image you need. Are you currently an owner of a smaller printer such as a 17″ and looking to size up? Or, are you looking to size down to something a little smaller and practical? You should also keep in mind the speed of the printer. Some faster printers end up printing in lower image resolution, so be sure the printer you’re purchasing will print fast while retaining resolution.

Ease of use

Some printers are built with more advanced settings to fit the needs of those needing a little more out of their printer. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use these settings, no worries! Instructions are always included. However, if you don’t think you’d benefit from these advanced settings, you should look into a more straightforward printer to avoid any unnecessary frustration or confusion.


When choosing where to buy a printer, you absolutely need to consider their customer support services. If your printer breaks down, it’s nice to know that help can be on the way instantly so that you don’t get behind on your work. At Office Copying Equipment, we offer immediate assistance and promise to have technicians at your office within four hours of placing the service call!

Are you ready to improve your office’s workflow with a new printer? At Office Copying Equipment, we’re here to provide you with help and assistance along the way of choosing the right printer for your needs. Call 414.778.0000 to learn more!