How To Create A More Sustainable Office

One of the best ways to minimize your office’s impact on the environment is to make it sustainable. Of course, this is easier said than done as it takes the entire office’s unanimous agreement to make it happen. However, if you can get your employees on board, you will feel better about your impact on the earth. Here are a few easy ways you can create a sustainable office.

Set up a composting station

A composting station is a great way to prevent unnecessary waste in the office. This is a perfect place to put food scraps from lunch. When your compost box gets full, take it to a local farm or garden, which can then turn the compost into fertilizer.

Provide reusable dishes and utensils

We all know that plastic is horrible for our environment, so why do we use disposable utensils and dishes? While disposable items don’t require cleaning up, they are more costly over time and create unnecessary waste. Instead, invest in some reusable plates and utensils for employees to use – and be sure to establish cleaning rules.

Reuse failed print jobs as scratch paper

It’s easy to accidentally print documents that weren’t meant to be printed or print jobs and realize you don’t need them anymore. Instead of recycling the paper, when this happens, use it as scratch paper around the office. Make a bin where employees can put their mistaken print jobs to benefit the entire office.

Invest in an efficient printer

An efficient printer will help to ensure a print job comes out right the first time, every time, resulting in less wasted paper and toner. Not only this, but it will also improve the productivity around the office.

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