Why You Need a Managed Print Services Provider

In many firms, purchasing printers and their ink cartridges are often overlooked and become a routine that isn’t often evaluated from a cost perspective often with no central cost accounting or even awareness. Print cartridges are frequently viewed as a cost of doing business that must be paid, even in businesses with a single point of purchase. Managed Print Services (MPS) alleviates these common issues by determining and reducing the cost of printing, relieving you of your printing worries.

managed print services provider

Managed Print Services is a streamlined program offered by Office Copying Equipment that manages and optimize your current printing fleet. MPS programs enable you to improve your productivity, efficiency, and printing security within your business, leading to a more successful working environment for you and your team. With the MPS program, you can control, monitor, and decrease costs relating to printing by allowing print professionals to take over the heavy lifting. Office Copying Equipment takes care of the repair and maintenance of your printer fleet, allowing your IT department to be freed for other tasks.

As a result of using a Managed Print Service, many organizations have increased the cash flow of their business through reduced printing expenditures, on average saving businesses 20-30% on their printing costs over time. MPS programs also assist in reducing your environmental footprint by decreasing the amount of paper you use. You no longer have to worry about your ecological impact, with a monitoring system in place, you will be able to track your printer usage.

Office Copying Equipment’s MPS program is a no-charge, no-obligation audit of your current fleet of printers to determine printing efficiency and establish as close as possible what your current costs are. reduce your printing costs and improve your business efficiency today. Call (414) 778-0000 for more information!