Our Primary Objective is to Maintain a 100% Satisfied Client Base

service support


Direct Phone Number To Service Dispatch

Calls made to the service number (414.777.1510) will bypass the switchboard and go DIRECTLY to a live dispatcher, not an automated attendant. Clients are able to receive immediate help and may obtain additional information as needed. Personal attention is key. We do not screen or use an automated attendant to answer incoming calls. Voicemail is only offered as a convenience to the caller, if desired.

Four Hour Real-Time Emergency Service Response

Our promise to you is to have a technician at your office WITHIN four hours of placing the service call. Preventative maintenance calls are not considered an emergency in nature and will be scheduled at the convenience of the client.

Single Call Dispatching

Technicians are dispatched at the start of each day with a single service call. Upon completion of this one call, they are dispatched to their next call, and so on. This method removes the pressure to rush or take shortcuts in order to complete a “full day’s worth” of calls, thus enabling the tech to spend the appropriate amount of time thoroughly servicing the equipment. As a result, call backs are all but eliminated and the number of copies that can be made before the next call is extended.

Incentive Based Compensation Component

Our technicians are eligible to receive incentive pay tied to equipment performance. Our Service Department Software tracks the number of copies between service calls and the percentage of call backs for each MFP serviced each particular technician. The more copies that are produced between service calls coupled with a low incident rate of call backs determine the bonus. As a result, the technician now has a personal stake in the performance of your equipment!

Parts Runners

If a technician in the field discovers they need a part but does not have that part in their vehicle inventory to complete a repair, a “Parts Runner” is sent to deliver the necessary part(s) to the tech at the client’s office, eliminating call-backs or extended periods of downtime.

Factory Trained & Certified

With most other companies, having a “Factory Trained and Certified Staff” means having at least one person on staff that is actually trained and certified. At Office Copying Equipment, ALL of our service technicians are factory trained and certified to service ALL models assigned to them, prior to actually servicing them in the field. Our clients will never hear “this is the first time I’ve seen this model” from any of our technicians.

Service Personnel Tenure

Technician tenure at Office Copying Equipment is substantially above industry average. The experience of our techs will show up in quality of repairs and equipment up time.

Parts & Supply Inventory

At Office Copying Equipment, we do not have to divide and dilute resources for parts and supplies inventory across multiple lines. As a result it is more likely that we will have low-mortality parts and supplies on hand, which will eliminate downtime waiting for parts and/or supplies, even as your equipment ages.

Free Loaner Policy

This is your safety net. In the unlikely event that we are unable to quickly diagnose and repair your equipment we will remove your machine and provide you, the client, with a loaner – of equivalent or better capabilities – free of any charges. This will give us the extra time we need to diagnose and repair your equipment without causing a long term disruption in your office.

MFP Training on MFP Series xx51 and xx71 Models